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Discover the Hidden

My dear child,

Once upon a time there was an island called Lucifera in what is known as the Devil’s Triangle. It was governed by Dragon gods and magick gods, called Deuces. A confluence of natural and supernatural events created a shift that allowed them physicality on the Earth plane. Some of those gods took advantage, and to their surprise, they became human and fell prey to the sensual lure of humanity. Angels dispatched to regulate the situation also fell to the lure of human love.

The Tryah-an angel, a Deuce and a Dragon-tried to stop the proliferation of half-human/half-god offspring, known as Crescents, by inciting war. The violence caused the energy to shift back so suddenly that the island sank. The inhabitants made it to the mainland, but the wayward gods and angels were trapped between their home and the Earth plane.

Over these last centuries, Crescents have learned to keep their magick hidden. Because of their god essence, they can see demons and creatures Mundanes humans cannot. Crescents straddle the razor’s edge of the Hidden and the normal world, fighting dark elements as well as the dissension between the three classes of god progeny. It doesn’t help that they are all confined to the Miami area, because they require the energy in the Triangle to feed their god essence. Technology has made it much harder to hide their true natures. And their passions.

There are burdens and dangers and wonders in being a Crescent. You must always remember the wonders, my dear.

Because you are a Crescent.

The Main Players

GODS — The tribal gods, Angels, Deuces, and Dragons. They consider humans lower beings at worst, entertainment at best … even their descendents.

CRESCENTS — The aforementioned descendents, human by nature with the god essence of their ancestor.

    Deuces — Sorcerers/witches, they use illusion and orbs as weapons, and possess a variety of other talents. Deuces can summon entities, gods, and demons, but at great risk. The lure of their magick can be hard to resist.

    Dragons — Their Dragon is a separate yet integral part of them that allows them to become Dragon. Their Dragon tattoo represents their particular nature and is the physical connection between human and beast. Only Crescents can see that it moves on their skin, watching over their human. When the Crescent wills it, the Dragon’s essence transforms him into the magnificent creature. The Crescent must keep his Dragon under control, as its animal nature struggles to fight, play, and act on its sensual nature.

    Caidos — Like Adam and Eve paid for their betrayal, the progeny of the fallen Angels also pay a price: emotions are painful, even as they are compelled to help others. Their preternatural beauty bedazzles, yet desire is excruciating. Because of this, they usually isolate themselves from non-Angels and become asexual (or so they think!). Females are rare.

ELEMENTALS — Fire, water, earth, and air, these beings are real but invisible to Mundanes. They can affect the physical dimension in pesky, aggressive, and even dangerous ways. There are no human hybrids of these, and they are mostly incidental to the main stories.

MUNDANES — Normal humans who are affected by these various beings but don’t know why. Often think they are being haunted by ghosts or other pests, sometimes are mortally affected.

THE GUARD — The Hidden’s police force, more concerned with those who threaten to expose their world than ordinary police matters. The penalty for exposing their magick is death. Sometimes their motives and integrity are suspect.

THE CONCILIUM — The powerful high council of the Hidden, comprised of the oldest individuals all three classes of Crescents. Its members are kept secret, and its integrity is often questioned.