Jaime Rush


Love & Light, Book 4
Written Musings (March 2, 2011)

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A Love & Light Book – Romantic Suspense with a touch of Magical Realism

~A Kindle bestseller and winner of the Maggie Award, given by the Georgia Romance Writers. ~


He knows things about her that no one could know; he makes her feel things she never knew she could feel … and he’s come back to warn her that a killer is watching her.


Although Katie grew up in Possum Holler, Georgia, she feels isolated and disconnected from the town’s residents—aside from her loving but oppressive husband. And while her job as his vet assistant is fulfilling, her growing discontent becomes uneasiness when local girls start disappearing.

Then, the boy who helped her through a horrible time in her childhood, and who was sent away because of that help, has come back to town. Spooky Silas, as he was known then, helps open her eyes to the emotional manipulation of the man she married, encouraging the return of her feisty self.

But that’s not the reason Silas has returned. He knows something about the missing girls. And he knows Katie is next. He has always loved Katie but stayed away to keep her safe from the shadowy abilities he possesses. Those abilities may help, or they might ultimately plunge her into more danger as he grows closer to the killer … whose face is terrifyingly familiar.



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As Katie emerged from the thicker part of the woods, she saw the house first, washed in light and rising out of the distance. Music floated through the air, a rock and roll station that faded in and out. She peered around the trunk of one of the oak trees that surrounded the old plantation home.

A man walked out of the house carrying a length of wood. Her heart reacted first, not a startled jump but a different kind of jolt. He was tall and lean, his brown wavy hair reaching just past his collar, a blue handkerchief as a headband. He wore jeans and a long-sleeved plaid shirt that was left unbuttoned. She glimpsed a hard chest and taut stomach as the shirt flapped opened with his movements.

Spooky Silas, the kids used to call him.

He stopped short of the circular saw and, amazingly, looked into the trees surrounding the house. She hadn’t made a sound. He set the wood against the sawhorses and turned down the radio. And he kept searching.

She was able to do nothing more than press closer against the tree.


Could it be him, after all this time? It seemed a dream, a crazy dream that spun her insides and made breathing difficult. The last time she’d seen him had haunted her, Silas being taken away, all because he’d helped her so many years earlier. Even though he had been cleared of suspicion in his father’s death, he’d still been an orphaned minor. He’d been relegated to state protective services, and Katie had never seen him again.

Spooky and mysterious, yet tender and compassionate. He’d touched her little girl soul and left an imprint that hadn’t quite gone away.

Silas walked toward the edge of the encroaching trees, then turned back toward her. He closed his eyes for a moment. When he inhaled, the memory of the lanky teenager evaporated. He was still lean, but his chest and shoulders had broadened. He’d grown even taller. The last time she had seen him, he’d been an adult to her young eyes. Now he was all man, and the thought stirred her in some inexplicable way.

When he opened his eyes, he looked right at her. She was still certain, despite her hammering heartbeat, that he couldn’t see her. She shrank behind the trunk and waited for him to look elsewhere. Curly green mold that was plastered to the trunk pulled at her hair, but she didn’t even move to disentangle herself. This wasn’t the way she wanted to see him again. She wasn’t sure she wanted to see him at all, wasn’t sure it was wise. She’d wait him out, for as long as necessary, and go home.

She should turn around and leave. And she would have if he hadn’t been walking right toward her…

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Praise & Reviews

Unforgivable is unforgettable, a rich, dark tapestry of good and evil—and the threads that bind them together. Excellent suspense; it literally kept me up all night reading.” —Kay Hooper, New York Times Bestselling author

Unforgivable is a truly great read! Wainscott [Rush] creates finely honed tension in a first-rate thriller where no one is who they seem and everyone is someone to fear. Don’t miss it!” —Lisa Gardner, New York Times Bestselling author

This is without a doubt one of the most intriguing and scariest psychological thrillers I’ve ever read. I had to come up for air every once in a while just from the sheer intensity of this book! This book is a guaranteed must read. I have always been a big fan of Tina Wainscott’s [Rush’s] and this book is one of the reasons why!” —Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

“Tina Wainscott [Rush] kicks off her foray into the suspense genre in a very big way. Unforgivable is gripping, gritty and quite terrifying.” —Jill Smith, RT Book Reviews, TOP PICK!

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