Jaime Rush

The Offspring


A group of twenty-somethings live ordinary lives but possess extraordinary psychic abilities. They are the Offspring of parents involved in a mysterious experiment gone awry. Sexy…dangerous…outcasts… They are being hunted by the government and others like them. Together they must find the truth and fight an enemy out to destroy them.

Jaime’s Offspring series is AMAZEBALLS!!!! I’ve been a fan since the very first book A Perfect Darkness came out in 2009 and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you have not read this series yet, you are SO missing out!!” —Carla Gallway, Book Monster Reviews

If you enjoy Paranormal Romance with a great deal of action, this is definitely the series for you.” —Larissa’s Bookish Life

If you are looking for a new addiction, then look no further than Jaime Rush’s compelling series, The Offspring.” —Pamela Lynn Romance Junkies

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A Perfect Darkness

Book 1

Out of the Darkness

Book 2

Touching Darkness

Book 3

Burning Darkness

Book 4

Beyond the Darkness

Book 5

Darkness Becomes Her

Book 6

The End of Darkness

Book 7

The Darkness Within

Novella 1

Turn to Darkness

Novella 2

Bitten by Cupid

part of the series