Jaime Rush

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you believe in psychic abilities?

I believe we all have the ability to be psychic. If we tune into our Inner Selves, we can tap into joy and wisdom and peace. Unfortunately, the world gives us way too many ways to distract us, and we miss a lot of those signals. But haven’t you had a knowing about something? A flash of insight or a clear warning bell that goes off in your head? Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen in years and then either run into them or they call out of the blue? We are all connected by the same energy, so it makes sense that we can tap into other people’s feelings. And when you get into string theory, quantum physics, and all of that magical, scientific stuff, being able to see the future isn’t so outlandish either.

I believe there are many real psychics out there who express their talents in different modalities. There are, sadly enough, even more phonies and scam artists who prey on people’s fears and vulnerabilities. Trust your instincts when dealing with anyone or, really, anything in life. Your instincts are how your inner self speaks to you.